Your Mission

As a part of Generation X, Y or Z your mission is to be excellent. In order to do that you need two things, you need the thinking technique and you need the insights into what is intelligence for each of Generations X, Y and Z. Your creative thinking journey depends on how much time… Continue reading Your Mission

At first glance

The path of the righteous soul is often besieged by devils. This is what we have been taught over the years. That, to do good and to be good, one must be prepared to encounter and wage war against the enemies of good. That is the proponents of evil. It is easy to see evil… Continue reading At first glance


In the struggle for survival, the person who is strongest in the competition, who holds their own and wins out against all other contenders is usually the one whom thrives. Is this intelligence? Are we programmed to excel in order to beat the competition? Are we determined to exceed expectations in order to survive to… Continue reading Intelligence

Generation X

Children in the 1970’s Teenagers in the 1980’s Young Adults in the 1990’s Young Parents in the 2000’s Digital Migrants Generation X, born between 1965 and 1980, grew up in a fast-paced world. Space exploration was a reality. Satellites were a reality. Men on the moon were a reality. The transition from the 1960’s to… Continue reading Generation X

Generation Y

Children in the 1980’s Teenagers in the 1990’s Young Adults in the 2000’s Young Parents in the 2010’s Digital Adopters Generation Y, born between 1980 and 2000, grew up in the superage of consumerism and packaged experiences that blended one activity with the next and one product with the next, in a seamless manner that… Continue reading Generation Y

Generation Z

Children in the 2000’s Teenagers in the 2010’s Young Adults in the 2020’s Young Parents in the 2030’s Digital Natives Generation Z, born between 2000 and 2020; is growing up in a turbulent time. For the majority of their lives the world has been at war against terrorism and undemocratic regimes. Militancy is a norm… Continue reading Generation Z

Generation Alpha

What can be said of the future? The oldest generation Alpha’s are just 2 years old and already their whole lives have been defined by a lockdown as a result of a pandemic that has swept the world. Social distancing is a norm not a learnt behaviour. Wearing a mask and sanitizing at every opportunity… Continue reading Generation Alpha

What is the purpose?

To be obvious about it, a purpose is a reason for being, a reason for doing and a reason for existing. Each person has their own purpose and the only way to arrive at the conclusion of what is the purpose is to engage in the thinking technique for a long time, and on many… Continue reading What is the purpose?


In a world that is changing rapidly, with the global village proving that a cough in one country could mean a pandemic for everyone, and with poverty at a ridiculous level the world over; what humanity needs now is hope. Hope that we will strive for that innovation that enables economic prosperity for a great… Continue reading Hope

Quality of Life

The measurement of a quality of life is a telling indication of a society’s progress and evolution. What is needed by ordinary people is a concerted effort by municipal authorities to strive to provide the best quality of life possible to all of its citizens. Naturally those whom work the hardest and apply their minds… Continue reading Quality of Life